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Pure Squalane Oil | 100% Pure Plant-derived

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Pure Squalane is a highly stable hydrator, equivalent to human sebum which makes it perfectly compatible with the skin to promote good skin health.

Imparting a non-greasy, silky feeling to the skin and hair, Squalane can help relieve roughness, dryness and the inability to retain moisture. 

It can be applied directly to the skin, hair or added to your favourite skincare product. 

A few drops applied on clean skin daily or as required, ideally after water-based treatments.

Some of the benefits of using Squalane Oil:

ɷ Assists the skin to retain moisture without irritation.

ɷ It's an exceptional moisturiser and absorbs easily

ɷ It's very light and won't make your skin feel greasy

ɷ  It's made from olives and is 100% natural.

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