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Why Activated Charcoal is making its way into everyone’s cabinets

You would have seen the black grill all over Instagram & Facebook by now but it’s not just regular old barbecue coal all over their teeth! Activated Charcoal has gone through an extreme steam activating process, treated until it is ultra-fine & highly absorbent. This natural magnet has been around for thousands of years, detoxifying like a boss, absorbing oils, odors, dirt & impurities in our hair, teeth, skin & digestive system. These properties make it such a popular ingredient in scrubs, masks, teeth whitening, detox drinks & those delicious black waffles & ice-creams.

This black magic is easy to use, all natural and when stored correctly has an infinite shelf-life. Don’t we all just love a multi-tasker! Here is our tried and true office favorite:

Detox Charcoal Latte

This healthy gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan recipe can be made in under 5 minutes and tastes delicious! 


Serves: 2


  • 2 cups soy milk (or other non-dairy choice)
  • ¾ tsp of activated charcoal
  • 1tsp of organic vanilla extract
  • 2tsp of organic honey (or sweetener of choice such as dates or maple)


  • If using the stove, add the soy milk and honey to a pot over medium heat until steaming.
    • Add the warm milk and honey mix to a heatproof mug, stir in the activated charcoal and vanilla extract. Serve!
  • If using a milk frother, add the soymilk, honey and vanilla in until it has finished frothing, pour into a mug and then stir in the activated charcoal. Enjoy!

Charcoal Latte

Luxblanc's activated charcoal is derived from coconuts and prices start from just $5.95.

Activated charcoal is a toxin absorbing ingredient so only drink it a few times a week, an hour away from meals and not at all if you are on life-saving medications.