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The Naked Face - Embracing your natural beauty

We all know the powers of makeup are impressive; plumped lips, shrunken noses, arched eyebrows and non-existent pores but what about those days you just aren’t feeling the war paint and want to rock the raw look? Textured hair, dewy skin and naked eyes are just as insta-worthy and our makeup-less selves are much more beautiful than we give ourselves credit for.

A great beauty regime are just as important as a healthy diet of fresh vegetables, un-processed proteins and fruits. To get that glowing skin with even complexion there are a few simple things you can add to your beauty routine to boost your skins health;

Dry Brushing first thing in the morning before putting on your daily moisturizer will help you feel smoother and softer after just one session. Get a firm natural bristled brush (cactus or vegetable derived) and brush the skin in circular or upward sweeping motions. Not only does it slough off the dead skin but also boosts circulation to release toxins and reduce the appearance of cellulite over time.

Olive Oil Scraping is the ancient Roman way to exfoliate using a strigil or body scraper to remove dirt, grime and dead skin. After a shower, rub on a thin layer of organic virgin olive oil over the parts you wish to exfoliate. Now comes the scraper, anything that is firm but soft will do such as the scrapers you get with hair removal gels or spare plastic card. Drag the scraper over your skin pressing firmly to empty the pores and blackhead prone areas, rinsing in between strokes. Once you are all scraped, wash yourself down keeping the oil if you have dry or combination skin. If you have oily skin wash with a little body soap.

Clay Masks are great at pulling toxins to the surface and increasing the blood circulation to the face. There are many different types of clay masks available but they all essentially do the same thing; tighten pores, refine the skin, even out the complexion and brighten the surface by improving blood flow.